Hello. My name is Rishi Chullani. I’ve started this blog to share my insights into living consciously. I’ve found that too many of us, most of us, in fact, are so caught up with our daily thought patterns that we take them to be real. We view the world, our life and our life’s events through the prism of our filters – developed from years of conditioning, our gene pool and our nurturing. Every event, interaction or circumstance is essentially viewed through these filters, causing us, for example, to make rash, impulsive decisions, to shy away from opportunities out of fear, to constantly be chasing the next high because we are attached to feeling good.

When we realize that we have had enough, as I had, and that we want to view the world and our lives for what they are – the ability to evolve, grow and live life to the fullest, we realize that we are our own worst enemies. When we live consciously, we no longer view things out of excitement or fear, but rather for what they are. We realize that we sabotage ourselves, blocking our own growth and opportunities, by channeling energy towards thought patterns that are nothing more than conditioned responses seen through a filter.

Whether we want to overcome fear of starting a business, deal with anxiety or depression, or just want to live more fulfilling lives by focusing on our own worth, dreams and goals, as opposed to the perception of others or more importantly, the perception we have of ourselves, living consciously will help us in every single regard. For we will see our lives for what they are, as opposed to what we wish they could have been, or what we wish they will or will not become.

We learn to live in the present. And we live fully, with intention. It is not that our circumstances change. It is the shift if how we view our lives and the events in it. That by allowing the incessant chatter to be there without constantly buying into it, we can learn to take control of our lives and live it on our terms. It doesn’t mean that hardships disappear, or that every moment from here on out becomes filled with absolute joy. Rather, we recognize the stillness that we have within us to navigate through life without being thrown around by the ravages of the storm that lies within all of us. For some, we may not even realize this, as we have become so used to the conditioned response.

I hope that this blog can help you all along this journey so that through a process of discovery, we can return to our true source – consciousness, and live life with intention, and more importantly, live life, consciously.